Arizona State Guest Lecture ft. Chavonne Hodges


Arizona State Guest Lecture ft. Chavonne Hodges

“The 30-year old version of me was supposed to be a woman who was sure of herself….”

Tune in to a conversation that’s raw, humorous, and piercingly poignant. Ms. Marisha asks Chavonne the lessons she’s learned on her ever evolving wellness journey while simultaneously raising awareness for those combating mental health, millennial dating, the world of social media, entrepreneurship and more!

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Virtual Guest Lecture ft. Chavonne Hodges

Hosted by Ms. Marisha, Faculty Associate

Chavonne Hodges is a former HR professional by day and fitness entrepreneur/community organizer by night. With a passion for education, fitness, and creativity, in 2016, she launched GrillzandGranola, a fitness company that curates and creates innovative wellness and fitness experiences for women of color, starting with their signature TrapAerobics class.

Since launching, she has captured the attention of companies like Facebook, Tumblr and Droga5 and garnering various features by publications like ClassPass, Bustle, The Grio and Yahoo! Lifestyle and more. In 2017, she sold created and sold diverse stock images, which eventually landed her first modeling job for Target’s C9 Champion “A New Kind of Strong” campaign. Then in 2018, she launched ZEN DAY, the first and only half-day wellness conference for women of color in NYC.

Chavonne, named by the Drum as “50 Under 30 Creative Leaders of Tomorrow” now works as a full-time Wellness entrepreneur.

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