Arizona State Guest Lecture ft. Millana Snow


Arizona State Guest Lecture ft. Millana Snow

Join Wellness Official’s Millana Snow and ASU Integrative Health Initiative’s Marisha Dixon for a conversation on how to stay healthy and stress free with spiritual skills during times of uncertainty. This livestream event is made available to Arizona State University Students and the Wellness Official community.

What to expect:

Marisha Dixon – Introduction of ASU class (stress management tools 101 / what is stress) & guest lecture theme

Millana – Introduction (personal story/journey into this work & current professional background)

Millana – Spiritual skills that we can use to remain aligned when it feels like the world is in chaos

Dive into ‘spiritual’ skills we will explore how to protect/preserve our personal mind, body, spirit space (inner environment) and strategies to cope and communicate with others around us who may not have the same awareness of/commitment to stress management tools/spiritual skills

Discuss Millana’s approach(es), philosophy(ies), tool(s). – what they are, how they work/applied to our lives and the benefits of consistent practice

Millana’s perspective on how one’s personal commitment to ‘alignment’/application of spiritual skills (particularly in the midst of uncertainty) can positively impact/influence the greater good.

A closing meditation to drop into your own inner guidance and sense of peace and clarity



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