My Essential SOULutions™

Each of us, through our life’s encounters and experiences, are a library of information. Here you can find some of my personal and professional wisdom compiled in both live and virtual workshops, e-courses and other formats. Cheers to your education and elevation!

Live Training

Feel, Write & Heal

Feel, Write & Heal is a 8-week, on-site wellness experience that leverages the power of mindfulness, art, expressive writing and facilitated discussions for teams that want to improve how they live, work, love and play.


Speaking Topics

“Life is NOT about avoiding ‘the detours.’ It’s about understanding ‘detours’ are simply the paths necessary for each of us to experience the teachable moments that are precisely designed for our growth as individuals.” – Ms. Marisha


Virtual Training


Helping people around the world build resilience and improve wellness with Artificial Intelligence.



An 8-week self-care challenge for people and teams who want to be happier, healthier and more productive.


From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

An interactive web series with self-guided assignments designed to help athletes uncover transferable skills developed in their sport to further their educational experience or use in a career that suits their professional passions.


Seven Steps to Soul Mate

Be it by choice or circumstance, membership in “America’s Singles Club” has officially surpassed those who are hitched. “7-Steps to Soul Mate” will share practical tools that singles can use to prepare themselves for calling in “the one.”