Feel, Write

& Heal

Feel, Write & Heal is a 8-week, on-site wellness experience that leverages the power of mindfulness, art, expressive writing and facilitated discussions for teams that want to improve how they live, work, love and play.


My Why

If you took time to listen to my story in the video above, it will be very clear why I am so passionate about work-life wellness. As a former educator, I know that teachers are some of the most empathetic individuals who are devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of students, their families, and communities. Too often though, many educators are ill-equipped for the social and emotional demands of the classroom which can lead to feelings of discouragement, burnt-out, stress and an “I’m ready to give up” attitude. I lived that story.

I wasn’t strong or wise enough to be vulnerable and ask for help back then…

This is, however, not simply my story nor is this the sole experience of those in education. Over the last three years, I have worked with over one hundred busy executives, CEOs and professionals across industries who provided first-hand accounts of how often they commit significantly more than eight hours each day to being “on the clock.” As a result, they feel there is less time to connect with or tend to the needs of loved ones, they find it challenging to maintain a self-care or wellness routine due to inconsistent or lengthy work days, social activities or hobbies take a back seat, their energy level is often depleted, stress is simply the norm, wedges are created in their romantic relationships or dating becomes impossible due to demanding career obligations.

In short, the workforce is unwell, and this burden is too huge to ignore. The 21st century life is indeed a busy one with bustling agendas, domestic chores and “to do lists” that never end. The ‘I am so busy’ complex is the common woe and we can’t seem to remember the last time we experienced simply being – as a self-care effort to pause and reboot, mindfully connect with others, or to spark creative ideas, focus on solutions to challenges within and outside the workplace. Feel, Write & Heal  is my signature wellness experience and was designed to help organizations consider my SOULutions – mindfulness and expressive writing – to promote an environment that prioritizes their team’s social and emotional well-being.


Teams are everywhere – at work, at home, at school, on playing fields and outside the locker room. From boardrooms to new hire orientations, we’re thrown together with people we may or may not know very well. To top it off, we are challenged to achieve great results. Is your team performing to the max? How do you support each other? How do you communicate day-to-day, develop consensus or manage disagreements? Are you aware of the experiences your teammates face external to the work environment which inevitably affect their performance and interactions on the job?

Feel, Write & Heal is a work-life wellness resource that transforms organizations one team member at a time. The interactive mindfulness and expressive writing experience is designed to improve how participants relate to others, promote creativity, focus, self-advocacy, compassion, active listening, flexible thinking, and a better ability to cope with depression, anxiety and stress – or situations that tend to lead to these unhealthy outcomes.



Step 1 | Submit Inquiry

Objective: Organizations share as much detail about who they are, their team, team goals, point(s) of contact, etc. so I have a better understanding of curiosities to explore during our discovery session.

Step 2 | Discovery Session

Objective: Video or phone connection to ensure all parties are clear on expectations of the program, organizational and team needs, options for customization, and next steps to get started.

Step 3 | Assess & Share Data

Objective: To ensure the Feel, Write & Heal participants receive the most benefits from the experience, I will work with organizational leaders (HR personnel, Head Coaches, Managers, etc.) to deliver a pre-survey and review feedback. This pre-evaluation will also guide us to better understand what content will be most relevant to participants while still meeting organizational needs.

Step 4 | Planning & Implementation

Objective: I will facilitate eight (8), one hour, creatively curated, on-site mindfulness and expressive writing experiences. Content from my book will serve as the primary tools and practices taught during the weekly, interactive sessions. Each week, participants will also be assigned self-guided activities to reinforce skills, invited to attend my live, video check-in, and be encouraged to participate in the discussions featured in a private, community portal between our on-site sessions.

Step 5 | Evaluation & Feedback

Objective: Measure participant's work-life wellness experience as compared to results prior to exposure to the 8-week program. Allows organizations and their team to refresh and continue the program while ensuring better, future outcomes or adopt any of my additional wellness experiences.

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