Creating My Own Lane


Creating My Own Lane

“So, You Comin’?!”
Thru Her Lens: Shot x Goddus Rising | Phoenix, Arizona 12/1/21

I know firsthand that an unmonitored mind and mindless internal monologues can lead to losing sight of who you are; your inherent value. We all have that little voice inside that sometimes takes us out of the moment without noticing, but it’s important to know that what you say in your mind is simply telling you the present lens through which you’re looking and will become your future experience if it continues without being checked! Essentially, you are on the road that your choices have created, including the choices you make related to your internal dialogue.

I can say for me, I have not always been so kind to myself nor have I been the most confident in sharing certain parts of who I am or aspects of my professional work – particularly my community wellness experiences…see my old site for details.

An example of some of the internal conversations that allowed fear to take up space in my life and shackled me to mediocrity…

I used to believe that because my approach didn’t quite look, feel, or sound like “others” in this space, I probably needed to stay small…

Because I didn’t have hella letters behind my name (extra degrees and certifications etc.) that I should simply play my position from behind the scenes only…

I feared being misunderstood or worse, simply not taken seriously.

But, the more I have practiced viewing my unique gifts and approaches as my authentic advantage (not roadblocks), I’ve been able to flow in my own lane. One way I’ve been able to reframe is by simply being more mindful of my own self-talk related to my work and reminding myself who TF I am with or without labels, titles, certain opportunities. Noting the feedback of those who are able to experience the spaces I create and simply being aware of how I feel when I’m “in my zone,” were also clear indicators that the path I was afraid to travel was the exact route I was supposed to be taking.

“Goin’ Up Yonder”

Thru Her Lens: Shot x @goddusrising | Jacket designed by Ms. Marisha | Meet Mari

Materials include glass, beads, sequence, acrylic and spray paint | Phoenix, Arizona 12.1.21

This season of my life is about exploring and sharing my journey and specifically how I’ve had to learn to activate my inner prowess. It’s about getting acquainted with and acknowledging the various parts of myself, including those pieces of me that I’ve suppressed for the many reasons we all often dim our inner light. In this moment, it is important to forgive, celebrate, nurture, and empower all of what makes me who I am. It is imperative to honor the influences that have contributed to my present self, but I must also discard what no longer serves me so that I can soar into being one with my higher self.

This new chapter is about owning my authenticity; the fuel needed to propel my divine powers. My current path will require me to be consistent and intentional with the practices and processes that will allow me to navigate the highs and lows of the future; there’s so much unpredictability in the world right now, but in all honesty, that is simply the nature of life. In order to expand mentally, spiritually, etc.
and to cultivate the natural gifts that awaken each of my “selves,” I must be audacious and willing to deliberately explore my values, my choices, and new terrain even when I’m scared, uncertain, or others don’t see my vision.

Lastly, this chapter is also designed to invite others to become their own super hero; it’s a season where I’m being called to guide others to trust their inner knowing, create their own lane, and to do what makes them come alive…do what helps them elevate how they operate – and do whatever that may be more often and on purpose!

Meet Mari | Styled xMs. Marisha | Thru Her Lens: Shot x @goddusrising | MUA @LindaMarisoll

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