Crumbling Walls: 33 Shifts That Derailed My Happily Ever After (Book Intro)

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Crumbling Walls: 33 Shifts That Derailed My Happily Ever After (Book Intro)

Everything can be all good until it isn’t. Then what? You must learn to accept your life just as it is at this time. Life is NOT about avoiding “the detours.” It’s about understanding that those “detours” are simply the paths necessary for each of us to experience the teachable moments that are precisely designed for our growth as individuals.

Divided into two parts, author Marisha Dixon candidly explores her life’s hardships and courageously shares the lessons learned on her path to healing and happiness. Crumbling Walls: 33 Moments That Derailed My Happily Ever After is a series of short stories chronicling the silent struggles of Dixon’s quarter-life-crisis.

Crumbling Walls
How I Built My Temple: 33 Shifts That Mended My Soul boldly defies the odds that seemed to be stacked against her by detailing the lessons she learned during the journey of rebuilding her life. Liberation. Permission. Choice. Those were the gifts on the other side of her voyage. With provocative journal prompts, you will be invited to ask yourself life’s big, hard questions. The result? A clear understanding of how life’s unexpected detours will help you arrive at YOUR version of happily ever after.
Crumbling Walls
While the short stories take shape in monologue, journal entry and other writing genres, and are told from my life’s events, I cover themes that we all have experienced or been exposed to at some point in our lives. From living with self doubt, toxic relationships, body image issues, to unhealthy work life, financial matters. And more.
Major life transitions are inevitable. And pretending all is good when it’s everything but was an all too familiar experience I lived. You may be silently sitting in this place too. But my hope is through my book of short stories and reflection prompts. You find a path to peace and no longer believe that’s your only option. I hope you see the bravery in admitting when life isn’t okay. But more importantly, I hope you feel inspired to act on that truth.



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