Crumbling Walls: 33 Moments That Derailed My Happily Ever After From The RelationSHIFT™ Coach Ms. Marisha


December 5th will mark the celebration of my next chapter in life
and I want to gift you 5 stories from my book!


  • Crumbling Walls: 33 Moments That Derailed My Happily Ever After is a series of short stories highlighting memories that resurfaced during my silent struggle through my mid-20s life crisis as well as the “detours” that ensued.
  • Explore life beyond my stories and capture the emotions of your own journey using my thoughtful journal prompts to guide you to a path of healing and happiness.
  • But wait, there’s more! Crumbling Walls is just half of the book! Yep, you read that right. My book has a double-sided layout with side two featuring the lessons that mended my soul. Stick around for the title and cover art reveal!
  • Connect with me using my live chat feature. We all have those moments that derail our happily ever after, but it’s imperative to know that we don’t have to experience them alone. Are you ready for a shift? Let’s chat!
  • I’ll be returning from my digital detox soon, so you can get social with my networks and exchange thoughts about your experience with the book and more!


Each of us, through our life stories, becomes a library of information. Through our stories, we connect…we understand…we empathize…through our stories we embrace…we overcome…we unite.
As I ring in my new year with you, it is my hope that you not only celebrate my healing and happiness, but through my gift to you, you discover and celebrate your healing and happiness too!
While the short stories are told from my life events, I cover themes that we have all experienced or been exposed to at some point…from living with self-doubt, toxic relationships, body image issues, to unhealthy work life, money and more…

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  • Journal prompts will allow you to explore your perspective on the story’s theme that week…plus we’ll all be able to get social again once I return from my digital detox
  • Get behind the scenes snippets of the making of the official cover art
  • Receive advanced notice of the book’s release date and a special thank you gift with your early-bird purchase



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Ms. Marisha is a master educator turned entrepreneur after her mid-20’s life crisis. She gives a piercing account of the details that derailed her happily ever after in her new, double-sided book and is on a mission to equip young professionals with the tools they need to survive life’s inevitable detours.