The 21st century life is indeed a busy one with bustling agendas, domestic chores and to do lists that never end. The ‘I am so busy’ complex is the common woe and we can’t seem to remember the last time we experienced doing nothing.

Ironically enough, the need to find time to meditate and just be mindful, becomes a task in itself and thus, is met with resistance. This is a very common concern shared by several beginners who eagerly wish to kick start their mindfulness practice.

This collective attitude prompted me give birth to the BE MNDFL 10-Day Guided Mindfulness experience.

Over the course of 10 days, beginning January 22nd, we will make time for ourselves. Together, we will simply practice giving our attention to one aspect of our lives, for 30 minutes.

Together, we will relax, reflect, and record what unfolds for us during our morning mindfulness experience.

Choose your approach.

To be clear, mindfulness is simply what it sounds like: it’s a mindset practice…it’s learning to be aware of your mind, what your mind regularly observes and how your mind tends to interpret what it’s witnessing. To build your mindfulness muscle, like any other skill, you’ve got to repeat the process regularly. Practice is also how you truly experience the array of benefits, including becoming a better leader.

Mindfulness is less about your location or your surroundings, being alone or in a crowd. But it can be helpful to prepare your environment and monitor your connections, if this is something that will be new to you. For our 10 days together, you can either:

  • Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed. If you can, dedicate a place in your home or work environment to be used for our BE MNDFL experience. Make this place your safe haven. If you like, add aroma therapy oils or candles to the air to increase the calm in this space. Use a blanket, chair or pillow so that you’ll be able to sit comfortably with a nice, tall spine.
  • Make friends with your surroundings regardless of who or what’s around. There won’t always be peace and quiet everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to cultivate inner peace. Feel free to challenge yourself to practice mindfulness using our 10-day guided experiences, even if you’re out and about. There is no right or wrong way to practice getting still from within.

NOTE: if you are a beginner, or re-establishing your mindfulness routine, it is encouraged to use these 10 days (preferably first thing after waking up), to get still in a place that you won’t be disrupted for 30min.

Relax & Tune In.

Each day, as we begin our mindfulness experience, we are deliberately taking a moment to elevate our vibration (our inner being), so that we become open…our hearts and minds will be alert to what is meant for us to receive and share that day.

We will each find a relaxing posture, gently, close our eyes and release the tension from our bodies by focusing on our breath. We will breathe normally.

I will lead a short mindfulness session with a poetic expression that will reflect our focus for that day. Each morning, your inbox will be greeted with a short summary of the area of focus and a link to tune in.

Reflect & Record.

After the short guided mindfulness session, I will provide you with prompts to reflect on and record your thoughts about your experience.

Mindfulness is about monitoring your mind and it’s important to make note – without judgement – of what comes up for you so that you can begin to assess what thoughts and emotions arise, and eventually learn to celebrate those thoughts and emotions that uplift you, while learning to discard those that don’t.

Grab a notebook that you can dedicate to this experience and any future mindfulness meditation practices you carry on beyond our time together.

Share one idea at a time.

While you may be in another part of the world while participating in this 10-day journey, this is a group experience, and it is my hope that you feel encouraged to connect with those who have decided to join in.

This is to ensure we remain connected to one another and the area of focus for that day. Ask questions, share your thoughts, be transparent with your challenges, intentions, areas of growth, what you wrote during your ‘reflect & record’ time, or whatever comes up for you.

We are in this together!

One last thing.

Definitely feel free to share this experience with your friends. If there is someone you know that could benefit from a regular mindfulness practice, invite them to join us. They can register for the experience here: and find details about BE MNDFL.

Happy to help.

Interested in hosting a guided mindfulness and expressive writing experience for your team or group? Inquire about the Feel, Write & Heal experience today! Got other questions? We’ve got answers. Let our team know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

In the meantime, we look forward to having you join us for our 10-day BE MNDFL journey in a few weeks!


Ms. Marisha

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