Let That Shit Go (guided meditation x Ms. Marisha)

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Let That Shit Go (guided meditation x Ms. Marisha)

Before you tune in, I want to share that this guided meditation will have a little bit of profanity sprinkled throughout…just in case you’re sensitive to the use of swear words. This guided meditation uses the hypoalgesic effects of swearing to create a sense of calm, a sense of peace.

You may find yourself smiling or you may let out a little laughter. All of these responses are helpful in shifting your energy, shifting your focus from any potential external chaos you may be witnessing or experiencing in your life right now.

Swearing is simply a way to express yourself. However, like with any words we use, it’s not what we say that can trigger someone, but it’s how we communicate. Profanity that’s overused and with aggression creates a completely different response than what you will experience with the “Let That Shit Go” guided meditation.

There are many ways to practice meditating, but for this particular experience, I’d like for you to get yourself into a comfortable posture, an environment and state of mind where there are few distractions, and simply tune in to the sound of my voice.



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