Hi, Ms. Marisha here - educator, storyteller, and social entrepreneur.

I use my mediums of interest – the arts, tech, personal wellbeing, multimedia, and social impact – to design intimate, interactive environments for open-minded explorers drawn to experience the unseen parts of themselves, the mysteries of others, and the world around them.

While much of my professional endeavors over the years have spanned many industries and roles, I have primarily served in educational settings and my intention has always been to guide, protect, nourish, and showcase the endless, creative potential of the human mind. My work is rooted in creating spaces and sharing practical tools that lead others to bravely explore, experience, and exchange their stories. I not only believe storytelling is ancient medicine for modern living, but that we are all, through our varied life stories, a library of information and liberation. But, our story – that of individual and the collective – can only be as deep, healing, and meaningful as the effort we’ve put into both excavating the truths of our darkness and learning to forgive, nurture, honor, and empower both ourselves and one another.

Stories – informative and provocative – challenge us to retrace our steps and invite us to recall our past selves, experiences, and societies. The past serves as an informant, telling the tales of how we arrived at our here and now. And it is from both seeking and telling the truths of our past as well as documenting the insights of our now, that we can consciously construct stories of a future humanity where we prioritize, promote and protect the wellbeing of all.

To journey forward in this post-pandemic life, we must be open and exchange our stories. We must lean on the wisdom and lessons learned from one another.

But how will we get there?

We must dedicate time, erect spaces, and forge collaborations with those I call ‘Pillars of the Village.’ Those are the creative leaders and audacious thinkers committed to modeling what it looks like to bare all, to fully show up as themselves in all areas of life. Those Pillars of the Village must model what it means to embrace the inevitable discomfort experienced when embarking on a new path, and open themselves up to other’s criticism, curiosity, misunderstandings or life’s challenges, risks, and setbacks.

In exploring and exchanging our individual and collective stories, we raise awareness, encourage forgiveness and self-love, inspire hope, increase vulnerability, and initiate the ever-evolving process of healing.

Stories. They engage, educate, and empower not only the receivers, but the storytellers themselves.

Stories are containers of wisdom and have been central to our evolution. Stories make us feel our emotions, and told right, they’re the glue to authentic, everlasting connection. Stories, in their many forms, are essential SOULutions™ designed to return us back home to harmony and can be used to reduce the pain, trauma, biases, guilt, shame and misunderstanding not only for and within ourselves, but among one another.

I see a future where it will be imperative to document the processes of creativity and idea exchanges – storytelling if you will. I see a future where stories are what drive value. I see a future where we learn to restore our relationship with ourselves and one another by reconnecting to storytelling – ancient medicine for our modern existence.

And so, I design immersive experiences to guide people, teams, and communities to uncover their individual and collective stories, challenge their old scripts and ideologies, refine their inner narrative, clarify their intentions and develop a plan to purposefully pursue them with inspired action.

I hope this virtual space, my interactive experiences, as well as the stories of my own journey with this practice serve as a source of inspiration for you to find the words that liberate your heart and connect you to a deeper love for life.

"In this world, there will be people who want to explore your depths, uncover your treasures, and commit to practicing the ways to value and love all parts of you. This virtual space is demonstration of me learning - out loud - how to show up as that person for myself. Through my immersive experiences and intimate stories, may you feel invited to get acquainted with the details of your own story, learn to love every chapter, and restore your zest for life by writing as many new ones as needed."

How I Ended Up Here…

My Year of Kintsugi: Acknowledging My Wounded Inner Child


kin (golden) tsugi (rejoining)

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form intended to repair broken pottery using lacquer mixed with powdered gold. The damage and rejoining is a reflection of the history of the object. The gold is intended to highlight the journey of the object and not disguise the broken pieces.

The golden rejoining.
Art reflecting life.

We all have moments in life that break us and often, instead of making space to acknowledge the circumstances, their impact, honor how we truly feel and who we’re becoming as a result of the experience, we rush to mend and cover up the damage. Fear of judgment, shame and other “stuff” creeps in and distorts our perception of the truth:

There is beauty in the cracks and contrasting moments of life.

Kintsugi was not only the inspiration for the jacket I designed for my #boudoir photo shoot I coordinated to celebrate my 37th birthday last year, but this philosophy became the very approach for me to intentionally practice shaking the shame and making peace with the many broken pieces I had been disguising in my own life up to that point. What simply began as an idea to honor another rotation around the sun, eventually became a year-long journey of self-discovery, unlearning, healing, defining and purposefully pursuing pleasure – in its many forms – from that moment on.

While I primarily use written language to transcribe my future goals or reflections of past experiences, there are moments when I think, feel, and need to express visually. This was one of those instances. I chose boudoir photography as the medium to visually document this internal commitment I was making with and for myself. 

The thought alone of exposing myself this way was tremendously uncomfortable, but organizing the details – from interviewing photographers, location scouting, set and wardrobe design, down to “character development” – meant that I would be required to mindfully address the logistics knowing that I was simultaneously acknowledging and honoring the many layers of me, my story – past, present, and future. 

This allowed me to move forward, even with the fear of what others might think or say about my choice to express myself in this way. I still cannot find words to describe the discomfort of this process. I also have not found a way to articulate how grateful I am, how brave and liberated I feel – finally.

What I do know for sure is that we blossom at our own pace and there will be different people, places and practices to help evolve from and make peace with our broken pieces. But take it from me:

NEVER hide from what has made you the beautiful work of art that you are!

I’m so thankful for my year of Kintsugi and all that has come and gone as a result of adopting this practice. I’m eager to share more about what and who this art form has revealed to me. One thing I can say for now is that I’m purposefully pursuing pleasure in all areas of my life. I hope that my story and new offerings inspire you to do the same.

Welcome to the golden rejoining…feel free to journey with me.





“You have arrived. Now’s the time to end your dance with shame. This moment is calling you to feel and flow with the rhythm of total self-acceptance. You’re invited to acknowledge the direction of your heart and purposefully pursue pleasure. This is the inevitable choice if you wish to explore new paths where people and places surprise and delight you, give your soul a new song to sing to, eyes where love is the lens you see through, and a life where you have permission to exist as the authentic you.”


I’m at peace with the pace of my progress. Please, BARE with me.