My Essential SOULutions™

Here, you can find some of my personal and professional wisdom compiled in both live and virtual community wellness experiences in addition to meaningful media - all designed to guide humanity back home - to harmony. I am excited to work with you. Cheers to your education and elevation!

It's OK to not be OK.

I teach people to see the bravery in admitting they’re uncertain how to make life better when they don’t feel ok. I have become known as the ZENtertainer™ for my thought-provoking storytelling sessions and community wellness experiences which I’ve had the honor of facilitating for groups nationwide.

Unpredictability and major life transitions are inevitable and pretending all is well, when it is everything but, was an all-too familiar experience I lived. Today, I lead from this common existence to help others in their navigation of these uncomfortable spaces. My mission is to return others back home - to harmony.

Unpredictability and major life transitions are inevitable...

So, what’s your story? What’s your relationship with harmony...well-being?

Better do you define harmony...well-being (you know our language heavily influences the energy we hold onto and choices we make in life, right))?

What does harmony...wellness look like exactly? How does it feel for you?

Do you even understand the potential impact prioritizing harmony could have on your life...that of humanity? Why alignment is the hustle you should focus on first thing each day? (Pssst: Alignment is the real hustle nobody talks about)!

Are you aware of what it takes to experience or restore harmony in your life right now...before (or when) shit hits the fan? Or, are you ‘waiting for that perfect moment’ when you have more time to pencil in your well-being..after taking care of everyone and everything else?

What are YOUR essential SOULutions™ to elevate how you operate? Do you have a treasure chest of tools and practices to nourish your heart, mind, body, and spirit that allow you to see the beauty - even in the beasts (adversities) - of life?

Unsure of how to respond to these questions?
Dissatisfied with your reflections to these thought prompts?
Need accountability to commit to what you know already works for you?

My Essential SOULutions™

Here are a few ways I may be able to help guide you to a new life you back home, to harmony:

Feel, Write & Heal

To help conscious brands and individuals alike, I created Feel, Write & Heal. This storytelling series is an experience that guides participants through thoughtful reflection of their coping strategies for life stressors while also mastering my 4-Key Shifts framework designed to both explore old narratives and create (and live) a new, more harmonious life – even in the midst of the inevitable ‘fuck this’ moments.

Be Mindful

My mission as the ZENtertainer™ is to connect with conscious brands and their teams to enhance well-being through my interactive, community wellness experiences. These dedicated spaces and candid conversations are artfully designed to demystify and explore mindfulness, a must-have 21st Century practice that can positively impact how we live, work, love, and lead – in and out of the workplace.”


Hmm, how do I explain this?! Together, let’s imagine in our mind’s eye…Issa Rae..Mr. Rogers…Ava DuVernay… and Oprah…picture each of them and their individual missions and contributions to the world. Now…let’s picture all of that rolled into one person…that person would be me. Ha! In other words, I coordinate collaborations, creative experiences, and make meaningful media that moves humanity forward – THAT beautiful people, is ZENtertainment™.