“Life can be all good, until it isn’t. Then what?


Return to the language of the living:

Receive momentum through:
Inspired Action.

When the road gets rocky and presents unpredictable obstacles, remember:

Alignment Is The New Hustle.”
- Ms. Marisha

Why Mindfulness

What makes a leader effective? From my perspective, one’s education and experience isn’t enough these days. Interpersonal skills are essential. Having the tools to develop one’s compassion and empathy muscles will lift teams, encourage them to take ownership of who they are and the roles they play, ultimately driving forward the group mission. But teams are everywhere…in our work, home, and social lives, so the benefits of mindful leadership can also be experienced when practicing mindful living.

Compassionate Leadership

More and more studies are highlighting the power of mindfulness as a practice that develops ones’ compassion, something we all need as we co-create this new normal. Mindfulness invites us to grow in other ways:


Creativity is enhanced


Patience increases


Happiness/energy boost


Increased awareness of operational and relational issues


Improved focus and thinking


Executive functioning/strategic planning is better


Enhanced problem solving and decision-making ability


Surrender, an Essential SOULution™ to restore clarity, connections, and inspired action. Allow me to guide you and your group back home, to harmony. Read on to discover more on my group wellness experiences and mindful apparel.

“Be Mindful is more than just a mindfulness session. It’s a bold new take on meditation that helps newbies and experienced meditators alike rise above the mayhem of modern life.  My multi-sensory experience uses personalized poetic expressions and helps participants reduce stress naturally, focus on their mind and body sensations in the moment, and offers practitioners several, simple SOULutions™ to add to their self-care treasure chest! 

Be Mindful Experiences

Just Breathe. It is essential to carve out designated time and space to just be, just breathe. Looking for a customized, one-time meditation session for your group? Does your team want to integrate meditation into an ongoing wellness offering? Download my digital brochure for more details and next steps to get in touch!
Just Breathe for Conscious Brands
Surrender and Let Them Lead: The Power of Breath, Love, Celebration & Joy. This 6-week experience is designed to promote community wellness and curate think-pieces through the exploration of and first-hand experience with art of various mediums. Creativity and mindful reflection of key concepts (breath, love, celebration, and joy) are encouraged and simultaneously serve as guides leading participants back home -to harmony - even in life’s contrasting moments. Are you and your team ready to unlock the creator within? Download my digital brochure for more details and next steps to get in touch!
Surrender Series for Conscious Brands
Our daily routines often mean we have overwhelming access to connectivity and with all of this plugging in, comes the increased stress of being distracted and “everywhere at once.”

My BE MINDFUL shop will be updated regularly with mindful merch  to remind you and loved ones to remember the gifts in being present!

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Leaders with varied mindfulness experience and professional roles have shared their praises about my BE MNDFL Guided Mindfulness Experience. Here’s the word on the street from a few participants:

From this decompression space, I enjoyed the sense of community, real talk and vulnerability. I would love to keep this Black women educator space open or learn more about others that exist.

MariahTFA Alumna

This experience was awesome. I particularly enjoyed focusing on a specific topic and being mindful to focus on it throughout the day.

Marion, Michigan

I love that I was able to take time out of each day for myself. This experience made me relax and truly see what God is bringing to me each day

Ahren, California

’Chemistry’ was one of my favorite themes during this experience because Marisha’s perspective on ‘chemistry’ and ‘soul mating’ is different and I appreciate this outlook.

Linda, New Jersey

I loved seeing other Black women. It was helpful connecting and also doing the breathing exercises. Everything Marisha shared was valuable. Thank you for making this space available.

Katherine, ParticipantTFA Phoenix BE Mindful Decompression Sessions