Feel, Write & Heal

A Storytelling Series

My Why

As an educator for most of my professional career, I know that teachers are some of the most empathetic individuals who are devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of students, families, and communities.

Too often though, many educators are ill-equipped for the social and emotional demands of the classroom which can lead to feelings of discouragement, burnt-out, stress and an “I’m ready to give up” attitude. 

I lived that story.

This is, however, not simply my story nor is this the sole experience of those in education. The workforce – across industries – is unwell, and this burden is too huge to ignore. The 21st-century life is indeed a busy one with bustling agendas, domestic chores, and “to-do lists” that never end. The ‘I am so busy’ complex is the common woe and we can’t seem to remember the last time we experienced simply being – as a self-care effort to pause and reboot, mindfully connect with others, to spark creative ideas, focus on solutions to challenges – personally, professionally, socially in our world. For the last five years, Feel, Write & Heal™  has been my signature wellness experience and was designed to help organizations consider my Essential SOULutions™ – mindfulness through storytelling and community connection – to promote an environment that prioritizes their team’s well-being.

Feel, Write & Heal™

We all, through our varied life stories, are a library of information and in order to raise awareness of our individual and collective experiences, encourage understanding, love and forgiveness, in an effort to inspire hope, increase vulnerability, and initiate the process of healing, we must prioritize time that allows us to dig deep, reflect upon, and share our stories. We must share our stories to reduce the pain, trauma, shame and guilt, the embarrassment, and misunderstanding not only for and within ourselves, but among one another. It is for this reason I’ve created and had the honor of facilitating my ‘Feel, Write & Heal’ Storytelling SOULutions™ series.”

Ms. Marisha

The Series:

Feel, Write & Heal is designed to create a safe space for your deliberate practice of re-envisioning the future – your future, our collective future – one that prioritizes and anchors in harmony. I know firsthand how essential this [harmony] is…it impacts our ability to live, work, love, and lead.

So, my aim with this series (and my work in general) is to use storytelling and community connection to reintroduce YOU to your natural state of being [harmony], because you can only meet others as deeply as you’ve met yourself. Harmony takes practice (often and on purpose) and it is from this state of being [harmony] where you can experience clarity, inspired action, and deep, authentic connections – with the world around you, others with whom you cross paths, and most importantly, your connection with yourself.

My intention is to first establish a community of accountability and encouragement (because I know how it feels to struggle in silence). From there, we’ll get down to business (YOU are the business)!  We will explore various ‘reflection and expression’ mediums that allow you to mindfully and compassionately explore your repeated stories (and habits) that shackle you to dis-ease and dis-content in your home, work, love, social, and other life areas.

But we don’t stop there.

This storytelling series teaches my 4-Key Shifts, a cognitive reappraisal model which has transformed the lives of hundreds of students and clients. The 4-Key Shifts offers you practical guidance to reframe your subconscious, sabotaging inner monologue (and life choices). 

What You Should Know:

Your inability to manage anticipated new beginnings, unpredictable change, trauma, or other stressful life events leads to making irrational decisions, withdrawing from healthy social connections, establishing reasonable goals and milestone timelines, prioritizing personal life responsibilities, as well as overall well-being. When you enroll in the Feel, Write & Heal storytelling SOULutions™ series, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your coping strategies for life stressors, and be exposed to The 4-Key Shifts cognitive reappraisal framework among other mindfulness approaches in an effort to:


Sharpen your decision making skills


Promote clarity, compassion, and creativity


Improve your active listening skills and ability to relate to others


Initiate the process of forgiveness (of self and others) and healing


Enhance your ability to cope with depression, stress, and anxiety or situations that tend to lead to these unhealthy outcomes.


From conferences, company workshops, educational institutions and more, participants have shared their praises about my Feel, Write & Heal experiences. Here’s the word on the street from a few participants:

I thoroughly appreciated being given specific tools and guided on how I can actually integrate and benefit from them in various aspects of my life.

Carrie H.California Medical Instrumentation Association - Annual Conference

You were an excellent group leader. Your confidence and clarity really helped me express my thoughts freely about an otherwise, traditionally, uncomfortable topic. I found this space and group discussions to be relaxing as well.

Krystal H.2019 UC Davis Body Project Conference

I enjoyed being able to take a moment to focus on self (my feelings) although that was also a challenge...being open with myself. More of this type of practice will certainly help. Overall, this was a nice, out of the box experience.

Susan J.4th Annual Nurses Promoting Wellness & Self-Care Symposium

Wow I was surprised by but also really enjoyed the open communication with everyone in the room. It gave the workshop balance.

Dan P., Conference ParticipantCalifornia Medical Instrumentation Association Annual Conference

I liked being able to relate to others, it made me feel empowered. I like being able to share my thoughts. It is always challenging for me to formulate a concise idea and not talk too much, but the meditation and writing exercise really helped me.

Sulyn H., Participant2019 UC Davis Body Project Annual Conference

I felt like I walked away with practical tools and have a better understanding of why it's good to open up and write about my thoughts and experiences. The Speaker had a calming voice that invited you in to want to share your experience as she had been unafraid to share hers.

Jacob T., Participant2019 Nurses Promoting Wellness & Self-Care Symposium

This was AWESOME! I enjoyed the space that was provided to share and interact about these topics. I resonated very strongly with each component of the lesson. I was prompted to sign up for this session because I really needed some help in this area of my life. I would definitely attend any other sessions you have, thank you so much!

Gabriella O., ParticipantCalifornia Medical Instrumentation Association Annual Conference

Enroll in the Feel, Write & Heal Storytelling Series Today:

This series is offered for conscious brands and their teams. If your organization is intrigued and would like to explore this storytelling series for your group, download my digital brochure for more details and next steps to get in touch!

FWH for Conscious Brands

The Feel, Write & Heal Storytelling Series for Individuals

The Feel, Write & Heal Storytelling Series will now be offered twice annually for individuals ready to unlock the creator within and turn their adversities to assets. If you’re curious about how this experience will help you:


Normalize the mindset “it’s ok to not be ok”


Improve self-awareness


Practice self-advocacy in home, work, love, social life settings


Nurture active listening (listening for understanding) + empathy


Create more authentic connections (with yourself and others), and


Anchor in harmony, even when life presents unpredictable or unfavorable events


FWH for Individuals