From the Locker Room

to the Boardroom


The Student athlete experience provides unique skills that are valuable in the workforce. The problem is, many student-athletes are unable to

– identify these skills, and
– articulate why these skills make them invaluable assets to teams beyond the athletic arena.

What I know for a fact is that core competencies learned in the classroom alone, are not sufficient to prepare student-athletes for their best future. As a former Division I, collegiate level athlete, my goal with this learning experience is to empower student-athletes to position themselves for future opportunities. This is achieved by helping athletes to uncover transferable skills developed through sport that can fuel their transition from the locker room to the boardroom.

Keys to Success Beyond The Sport


KEY #1

Play Your Position

KEY #2

Find Your Rhythm

KEY #3

Increase Your Versatility

KEY #4

From Underdog to Champion

KEY #5

Leverage Your Team

KEY #6

Play for the Love of the Game

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