Purposefully Pursuing Pleasure


Purposefully Pursuing Pleasure

In a world that demands hardness, where strength is measured by our (black women) ability to withstand the weight of our burdens, I find myself yearning for an alternative path. I seek a multi-sensory existence, a vibrant life of pleasure that transcends the narrow confines of sex and intimacy. This journey, my journey, is an exploration of what makes me truly come alive.

Too often, we (black women) are conditioned to suppress our softness, our feminine energy, in favor of toughness, resilience, and unyielding resolve. As black women, society whispers in our ears that we must be strong, fierce, and unwavering. But what if our strength lies not in resistance, but in embracing the fluidity of our being?

I yearn to lean into my softness, to surrender to the caress of vulnerability, and to find solace in the gentle whispers of my desires. I am reclaiming my right to pleasure, not merely as a fleeting indulgence but as an act of radical self-care. I refuse to be defined solely by the stereotypes projected upon me.

In this life of pleasure, I immerse myself in colors that dance upon my skin, vibrant hues that reflect the vast spectrum of my emotions. I revel in the symphony of fragrances that envelop my senses, evoking memories and sensations long forgotten. I savor the delicate flavors that grace my tongue, each bite awakening my palate and reminding me of the exquisite pleasure of nourishment.

As I journey further into this exploration, I discover that pleasure resides not only in the physical, but also in the ethereal. I seek joy in the rhythm of my breath, the sway of my hips, and the power of my laughter. I embrace the sensuality of the spoken word, body language with those with whom my path crosses, as the cadence of my voice weaves stories that touch the deepest corners of our souls.

This pursuit of pleasure is an act of resistance, a rebellion against the expectation that we (black women) must be hardened by the world. It is an act of self-love, reclaiming the beauty that resides within our hearts, our hair, our minds, the shape and shade of our bodies. Through this exploration, I hope to forge a path that not only nurtures my own growth but lights the way for others to follow.

So, let us (black women) celebrate our softness, our femininity, and our inherent right to pleasure. Let us create spaces where vulnerability is cherished, where tenderness is celebrated, and where the art of being alive is honored. For in embracing the fullness of who we are, we transcend the limitations imposed upon us, and we emerge as fierce, radiant, and empowered ebony goddesses – history repeats itself.

…more to come.

While you wait, here’s an affirmation you can repeat to yourself in the mirror as often as you need to…

Sade in the Mirror

You have arrived. Now’s the time to end your dance with shame. This moment is calling you to feel and flow with the rhythm of total self-acceptance.

You’re invited to acknowledge the direction of your heart and purposefully pursue pleasure.

This is the inevitable choice if you wish to explore new paths where people and places surprise and delight you, give your soul a new song to sing to, eyes where love is the lens you see through, and a life where you have permission to exist as the authentic you.

…ready, set, soon! Please, BARE With Me



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