Ready, Set, Soon!


Ready, Set, Soon!

Back then, I was absolutely fearless. I was curious. I was confident. I was so sure of where I was headed and always checked the boxes to ensure I stayed the course. Somewhere between then and now, life happened. The changes, the challenges, drama, and trauma…the unexpected obstacles slowly chipped away those qualities that made me who I was.

The seemingly never-ending series of setbacks and disappointments made me second guess everything about my desired life path. I began to operate from a victim mentality, and fear was the source of all my choices.

Joy was a fleeting experience. Anytime things were going “good,” I would brace myself in anticipation for the rug to be pulled from underneath my feet. I couldn’t trust anyone, not even myself.

I have worked like hell to claw my way out of that dark hole. I had to learn the hard way how much my own inner monologue impacted (sabotaged) my lived experiences.

Self-acknowledgement and accountability is the foundation of the “healing” journey. Forgiveness is crucial too – forgiveness of life, circumstances, others, self.

Nurturing yourself and taking time to retrace your steps (reflection) by identifying the moments you’ve been faced with and overcame hard things, allows you to course correct with confidence.

IT IS NOTt an overnight process. I literally still work through a lot of this stuff, less frequently and not as intense, but I am human.

Like this unfamiliar race (I was a 200m & 400m runner not 800m), life…healing…it requires we take one step at a time, and obviously, consistent practice is equally important if we really want to reap the rewards (improvement…but winning isn’t so bad either lol)! I’m back at the starting line, and I’m coming for my own personal record, which really just means doing me, forging my own lane, unapologetically. But one step at a time. I’m at peace with the pace of my progress

Ready, set, soon!

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