Surrender (guided meditation x Ms. Marisha)

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Surrender (guided meditation x Ms. Marisha)
In truth, I have changed the direction of this project so many times. The initial idea came to me at the very beginning of the pandemic. The concept started out as a 9-track meditation album and I wanted to ensure I the album cover art reflected the elements that were essential for me to truly feel free at that time – sitting in solitude in the desert lands as a reminder that it is both OK to be completely still in certain seasons, and, we will never have complete control over what’s happening around us.
Long story short, that project concept morphed into two (maybe five) other ideas that I won’t go into detail about at this time, but I’m glad that I kept writing, recording, playing and tweaking.


Well, the more important takeaway from all of that refining was that I was never solely creating a meditation album. The Divine was guiding me to relearn how to hear, trust and follow my Internal GPS – especially when entering new territory – whether that be personally, socially, professionally, spiritually etc. or while in the midst of a seemingly never ending shit show.

I was learning how to be proactive, how to create space for and nourish myself. I was unlearning old, unhealthy habits to cope with the roller coaster that is life. I was becoming more acquainted with the influences – people, places, experiences – that shaped that version of me.

The numerous iterations of this project were really just extensions of the various versions of myself that I was being introduced to during this creative process. I was honestly frustrated at first, prior to having this realization of course. I just wanted to “get it done.”

But that was my go to response…boom, an idea pops in my head that I’m in love with and I’m off to the races…I just start making it happen. That was an old habit that I didn’t feel always served me, but it was a rush that I was addicted to.

Free Spirit

This time around, I wanted to take advantage of the solitude, the stillness. I wanted to feel good not rushed because that is what the world always made me feel…back then I believed I had to produce produce produce!! I’ve come to understand that taking my time was both my way of rejecting that paradigm and also choosing to live with integrity.

I had been saying “Alignment Is The New Hustle” for quite some time at this point, but I was truthfully still learning how to apply that concept in my own life. This “project” became my practice grounds.

The practice of surrender, so I learned, was the first step to position myself to truly “free my spirit.” I’m filled with immense gratitude for this time and space to understand my creative process which has resulted in a deeper understanding of and trust in myself.

What this project has become is significantly more meaningful to me, more authentic, and I can’t wait to share it with you soon…when it’s ready though, I will not be rushed!

CAUTION: My Art May Cause You To Feel



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