Testimonials & Thank You Letters

I really appreciated Marisha's continual refocus on the good vs the bad, her approachability and acceptance towards everyone and where they are in their personal journeys. The self-reflection exercise (using her 4-Key Shifts) was challenging for me just because I chose a deeply personal topic. I don't consider this a negative or something that requires any type of change. The point of the exercise is to get uncomfortable in order to promote growth.

NicholeMxSx at DoorDash

Everything was meaningful. I liked the review of the previous lessons. I liked the writing activity and using her 4-Key Shifts, particularly the first two "chosen" and "confession." I enjoyed learning about the ways I can make SOULtions with mapping out my responses to the model of complex change (the vision, skills, incentives, resources, and action plans, that was helpful). I love how everything was meaningful and tools to really apply to my life. It was challenging to identify my specific feelings because I often just say things upset me never really scanning my body to notice the triggers before the blowup. I thought this process is helpful because I am learning to be aware of my body language before the verbal explosion. I feel this is a necessary discomfort in the process to learn how to be more aware of ourselves.

Amber2019 TFA Phoenix CM

Hi Marisha,

Thank you for the wonderful presentation on Wednesday!

Our team was so fortunate to attend the My Black is Beautiful event! You did a very good job addressing the concerns I previously mentioned, and I can tell you had an immediate impact on our employees.

As you can see, we have a great need for discussions around mental health. What I found most interesting was that employees who I previously shared EAP information attended the event. They also asked questions and made comments. I can say all employees were actively engaged!

Again, you did a great job and I can't thank you enough for facilitating the discussion. I look forward to partnering with you again in the future.


Keyshia Williams, Human Resources Business PartnerDoorDash

I met Marisha quite randomly in downtown Phoenix, while looking for an apartment – as I was separating from my wife. I kept her business card, and after separating, found myself feeling emotionally vulnerable and seeking a professional who would listen to my story. My initial objective was to find someone honest who I could trust.
My marriage of 35-years had unraveled and I was experiencing a weird sense of freedom and anger simultaneously. I found myself distracted at work, daydreaming, preoccupied with all of life’s demands and experiencing anxiety and self-doubt, while engaging in risky, self-destructive personal behavior.
At our first meeting, Marisha was very straightforward about her program, and effective at keeping me from deflecting issues. She was genuine and compassionate, and at the same time, would pointedly bring me back on task when I drifted.
Remarkably, after the first two sessions, I received notice of a job promotion that would soon provide an opportunity for a fresh start in a totally different environment with greater responsibility at work. My expectations heightened and I looked forward to my sessions with Marisha as an opportunity to completely reinvent myself. I always believed in the fundamental principle of karma – theoretically. But Marisha’s assignments provided a practical method to analyze my thoughts, words, and experiences covering various aspects of my life. This process helped me clarify and set goals based on my core values.
Most significant was Marisha giving me the tools to be intentional about self-reflection in the morning, then appreciative and grateful for those unanticipated events that occurred throughout the day. This process helped me stay focused and face difficulties with a positive, optimistic attitude. Now those difficulties - relocating to a new city, starting a new job, meeting new employees, arranging for a new home and still dealing with the divorce process - were handled with a less stress. I have connected with the local community of believers, met several wonderful people at meetups and have absolute confidence at work and in my new environs. Probably most important, I have no regrets about the past. Rather, I am looking to create value every day, and looking forward to the future.
The favorite part of working with Marisha was witnessing her energy and humanity. And now, I am happy to consider her a close friend.
In a word: Marisha is effervescent.

Earl Cook, CPD Director – OKCU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

I was prompted to get a RelationSHIFT™ Coach because I felt like I was at a standstill and negative place in both my professional and personal life. I first met Marisha at a networking event and thought what she did sounded so cool, it was like a life coach but with a way of helping you dig deep inside yourself and navigate more towards a positive outlook on what you are going through and how to better your life. I would say my goals when signing up for this service were to learn more about the things in my life that were making me struggle and why and then to put those into perspective and find a new way to approach the things that were bothering me. I would also say another goal of mine was to find a way to turn my true passion into something creative that I love doing on a daily basis.

Prior to working with Marisha I was feeling very negative about my relationship and career. I was confused on where things were headed in the relationship and why I was allowing myself to be treated in such a negative way and stay in the situation. I was also feeling down on myself about my career because it felt like I was at a standstill and not sure which way to turn and how to advance and grow my business. I was also struggling with money and felt like that was taking over my way of thinking and how I could make more. My interaction with Marisha was amazing. She is a very thoughtful person that doesn't tell you what you want to hear but makes you dig deep down into yourself and find your true answers. She was great at communicating and also explaining everything to me if I had questions or was unsure of something. From the beginning to the end of our time together I felt very comfortable, telling someone things so personal about yourself is hard but she made me feel super comfortable and I felt like she really took the time to listen and help me.

Some of my "successes" based on the goals I wanted to achieve were I was able to look at how things were happening in my life and how I was turning them so negative and letting them affect my every day. I learned that once I figured out why certain things were happening instead of making them negative I would find a way to look at them differently and make them positive and stopped letting certain people treat me a certain way. My career has really taken off since working with Marisha, she helped me realize that although there are a million things I want to do, planning them out and what I am truly passionate about should start taking precedence. I feel that since this experience I am a stronger person all around. I stopped letting people dictate how I am going to be treated and also began allowing myself to take ownership for my feelings and being happy again. Marisha helped me so much in getting to where I am because she helped me navigate the way I was feeling and also helped me gain perspective into things I would have never thought about. She is such a positive person and it was very heartwarming to know someone out there really cares about you and wants to see you winning.

She is someone that makes you feel comfortable to express yourself to and also is great at helping you find your true feelings and putting them into a positive light. I think anyone that is at a crossroad or standstill in their life would truly benefit from working with Marisha. I also think anyone that needs guidance and help finding themselves both professionally and personally be it a relationship or on their own would benefit from working with Marisha. My favorite part about working with Marisha is how kind and thoughtful she is. She really takes the time to get to know you and cares about you genuinely as a person.

Nicole Morris, Your Stylist NicoleCelebrity Stylist to Professional Athletes

A friend of mine, Amy, found her new love a year ago through Marisha. Although my initial desire was to find "my happily ever after" man, something that Amy shared with me really resonated on a deep level - the fact that through the process of searching for Amy's romantic partner, Marisha actually took her on a journey of self-reflection and discovery of past choices and patterns. I reached out to Marisha because as I was working on healing from a very recent and painful break up, and I believed the true way to my healing would be a journey self-inventory…a journey of finding my true self.

My goal when signing up to work with Marisha was to gain an awareness and understanding of the connection between my relationships I had during my upbringing and the love (and career) choices I was making in my adulthood that somehow continued to not work for me. I also wanted to gain practical knowledge and tools that I can apply to my current and future life choices. I was definitely heartbroken, experienced apathy and was trying to figure out what caused "him" to change and leave me. I was focused and trying to figure things out I had no control over.

I felt safe being vulnerable with Marisha and sharing my life story with her. She was always very professional, positive, and caring. Since working with Marisha, I definitely have experienced a RelationSHIFT…no longer do I need to wonder why others make the choices they do in love or life because those are things I have no control over. I live my life with the powerful realization that I always have a choice for the thoughts, behaviors and actions I choose for myself; this ultimately creates the experiences I have which are now more fulfilling.

I would absolutely recommend Marisha to anyone who is refusing to be a victim of others and their past circumstances…to anyone who is truly committed to living their "happily ever after" with themselves and others. I truly enjoyed the whole journey.

Ms. Teddy N., Primary School EducatorHouston Public Schools

Thanks for the recordings. I have gone through majority of them but must say my absolute favorite was the "Let that Shit Go" affirmation piece!!! That spoke VOLUMES to me, you have no idea! It's what I have been telling myself for the past year and a half, but have not quite been able to do, but I think I finally had my breakthrough aha! moment this weekend and I have you to thank for that. So just wanted to share some of the lessons I learned from this past week.

For some reason this past weekend I just wanted to pause my life for a second and really just stop and think. How many times do we really take the time to stop and think? Schedule thinking time? Warren Buffett does it, most highly successful billionaires do, but for most I know it's a luxury that they can't afford with the hustle and bustle of life, kids, spouses, job, work out, meditate…the list goes on, we are always conditioned to be doing, rather than just being, and I even felt guilty for “being” this weekend – at first- but I passed up social engagements and "stuff" I needed to take care of to just be still for a moment. But now am SO glad I did it! I feel more energized and renewed and ready to take on the week.

So what I learned from this week of being "Solo and Loving It," outside the obvious advantage of getting to sleep spread eagle across my bed, without having to listen to someone else's snore or heavy breath (haha), is that I have the ability to visualize into existence the life that I want, the love that I want, and the sky is the limit! And it's ok to ask for all these great gifts, because yes I am worthy! Not only were there lessons for me to learn from my past relationships, but I was also a lesson for others and I can rest assured that I fulfilled that purpose in their life. I read an article about karmic relationships and I know that's what these were. They were there to serve a purpose to teach me important life lessons that will help me be a better person and life partner, lessons that we won't have to waste time battling and learning through trial and error in the midst of an unhappy marriage - like most couples do! I realized that time will be better spent working on me first. I used to beat myself down, for the "obvious" mistakes, for the patterns in my behavior that led to the same relationships outcomes, but I never ever give myself credit for the things I did right in those encounters…the love that led to my relationships lasting on average 2-5 years, because I gave the best love I knew how, with all sincerity in the midst of receiving fish love.

I now know how precious and special my love is and I should not just give that away without making sure my standards and my needs are met; to not be afraid to be assertive to ask for what I want, from God, the Universe, you my RelationSHIFT™ Coach, and my future partner, because how else would any of you know what I want, unless I ask. Another aha that came to me was to also really truly appreciate, treasure and protect that love when it comes along, because now I have the contrasting background from which to make a reference, not to use as baggage and hang ups, but to just love and appreciate what I have in front of me.

These lessons and the many more to come will only help prepare me for my partner, elevate me to a higher level of consciousness and accountability because I asked God/The Universe for a man with a Higher purpose and state of being so I have to grow and become that partner as well, be equally yoked in order to create that deep kind of love born of mutual deep seated admiration, respect, love and awe for one another and the talents and gifts that we each possess, calling each other up to a higher sense of purpose in fulfilling God's destiny. I have seen many examples of that type of union with many of my patients who have been married 50 plus years, couples like Michelle and Barack Obama, Tony Robbins and Sage, my current major celebrity crush, Devon Franklin and Megan Good…the way he looks at her and treats her is everything!!! How do I honor and respect my man when he does that, from my throne of feminine energy and power? For me, personally that's been HARD to do, it's not easy for me to receive, it's MUCH easier to give until I am emotionally depleted, then I transform into a raging lunatic! So how do I change that dynamic? ... that will be step two in my transformation with you!

So I am grateful for the life experiences I have had, the "disappointments" which really are just reappointments calling me to a higher purpose. I don't regret the demise of these relationships, and I just thank God for the many atomic and hydrogen bombs He has helped me avoid along the way. I am actually so blessed and fortunate to be single! There are so many desperate, broken women trapped in horrible relationships and marriages who can't get out, but I had the ability and strength to say no, this is not for me and walk away, and there is something beautiful, and amazing and sexy in that ability to walk away and keep my dignity intact. That takes major strength and in our society today we don't celebrate that enough.

So this was my long winded way to say thank you for setting up this week, I would have never thought it would have such a dramatic effect on me. I really truly appreciate you and all that you do, you are truly a gift, your vision and passion for helping people not only find love, but grow as individuals shines through. So just in case you needed some validation that you are on the right path here you go! I am a living testimony to that. Something tells me you needed to hear that. I thank God for bringing you into my life, that our souls got a chance to mate and I look forward to seeing what amazing awesomeness He has in store for both our lives!

Sending lots of love and hugs your way!

Thank you for being my fairy godmother,

K.G, Kaiser PhysicianBay Area, Ca

I truly appreciated the breathing and writing exercises; challenging the mind and calming the soul. I would like to participate in more open dialogue like this.

DreaTier 3 Merchant Support at DoorDash

My manager informed me about the decompression series with Ms. Marisha and I was sad they were only an hour!! I would love to have continued meditation sessions with her, her voice is so calming, she is knowledgeable and has an aura of peace.

RikaCx Support at DoorDash