The Essentials ft. Dr. Thomas Vance


The Essentials ft. Dr. Thomas Vance

Did you know that there are benefits when you cry? Tears are often messages from the heart. – Dr. Thomas Vance

Over our lifetime, we may experience mental health problems which impact our thinking, mood and behaviors.

Some common factors that contribute to our mental health problems include: biological (genes or brain chemistry), family history with mental health, or life experiences (trauma or abuse).

With the rise of tension amid our health, political, and social climate, Americans (and particularly persons of color) are experiencing a decline in our mental well-being. While it may seem impossible considering all the chaos, there are SOULutions (yes, including crying) to combat and adapt to the challenges surrounding us all at this time.

Dr. Thomas Vance, a psychotherapist providing culturally specific therapeutic care at Concierge Psychology in Atlanta, will share essentials to assess and improve your mental health by listening to the messages from your heart – and so much more.



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