Where I’m Going: Write the Vision, Make It Plain

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Where I’m Going: Write the Vision, Make It Plain

Every step of my journey has led me to and prepared me for this moment. It’s crazy how the divine coordinates everything for you based on your present level of receptivity. The vision I share in this audio track was just a refined version of what had been placed on my heart over 10 years ago; I was around 24 or 25 when the “first iteration” of my divine assignment was revealed to me.

To me back then, the vision was audacious and overwhelming, but truth be told, it still sorta scares me! However, where I am today, my mindset is even if fear decides to stay, we are simply going to move forward together and see what happens. Self-doubt and “perfection” is just wasted time and sometimes adequacy isn’t going to be felt, but I’m going to believe and keep taking one baby step at a time towards this vision of mine.

More to come…

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